Top 15 Content Ideas for B2Bs You Can Utilize in 2023

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Are you looking for the best content ideas for B2Bs? Search no more because in this article, we will explore best content ideas you can create to attract other business owners to your business.

B2B content marketing is a popular marketing strategy for a reason. It can direct prospects into your sales funnel, and creating engaging content is a fantastic strategy to increase traffic to B2B websites. 

Statistics show that more than half of B2B customers claim that they are “absolutely” more likely to purchase after reading a brand’s content. 

When marketing your B2B business, social media is the right place to gain visibility and build a good reputation. Because many people use social media daily, engaging posts on your social media accounts can help optimize your business branding more successfully.

If you own a business-to-business brand and are trying to optimize your content calendar, you should seek creative social media content ideas for your B2B. 

Let’s explore some attention-grabbing content ideas that your B2B company can employ to increase the effectiveness of its social media marketing campaigns.

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Social Media Post Ideas for B2Bs

WordStream recommends developing a robust social media marketing strategy for the platform you want to use. This marketing strategy must incorporate practical content ideas that will enable you to meet your marketing objectives. For detailed guide on B2B social media marketing, check out B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy Guide.

The following are some great content ideas for your B2B business:

Create short videos 

Content Idea for B2Bs – Create Short Videos

Video content is one of the best content B2B brands can post on social media. Video contents has always been popular on social media platforms because people prefer watching entertaining and educational videos over reading text-based posts. Short videos are your best option for boosting your brand’s visibility across social media platforms. Learn more about the best social media platforms for B2Bs.

The possibility of increasing conversion rates by 80% is one advantage of creating video content. Social media experts say high-quality videos can boost awareness and sales much faster. 

More than 60% of B2B marketers observed increased sales after incorporating video content into their marketing strategy.

Using videos to illustrate your post’s subject and present your product can significantly impact your audience. Explainer videos can aid in successfully disseminating information because most internet users prefer a brief and straightforward product description. 

Additionally, short films explaining your offering or your company’s operations increase credibility. You open up countless business opportunities when you create a video for your audiences. 

Tips on making short, engaging videos for B2Bs:

  • Develop a plan for the videos’ production.
  • Create a content strategy with specific goals in mind.
  • Make it simple.
  • Explicitly pass your message across.
  • Tell a compelling story to draw the audience in.
  • Make it both exciting and educational.

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Create interactive post

Posting interactive content on social media, such as questions, polls, quizzes, videos, and more, is an effective way of increasing response and driving engagement on your social media platforms.

Creating interactive posts to push social conversations for more engagement helps you understand more about your customers.

One creative way to spark a conversation on your social media platforms is by using polls. Almost all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, now allow polling. Use Open-ended sales inquiries to maintain a high level of engagement. Check out this: B2B Instagram marketing strategies that work(learn how to generate clients on Instagram).

Another way to promote dialogues is by humanizing your responses. Try to express gratitude for the customer’s comments in a natural flow; you can even include emojis. 

Social media posts that solicit reader feedback are common and easy to write. It allows your audience to respond in whatever manner they choose. What matters most is that it increases engagement with little work. As a B2B marketer, interactive social media contents should be on your social media strategy to understand what your partners and customers think of your business.

Share user-generated content

 User-generated content is ideal for B2B companies who want to interact with their community and offer them a voice. It allows customers to post content about a business or a product whenever they want.

You will promote your company through word-of-mouth recommendations and demonstrate its authenticity by sharing user-generated content.

You can also request that customers send photos of your products they have purchased or of themselves using your products with permission from them to post them on social media. 

Go ahead and post the pictures after they’ve approved them. This gives your B2B customers the impression that they are a part of a wider group of people who utilize your products.

Use branded images

The use of visuals in content grows every year. 88% of marketing professionals include visuals in their content.

Images grab users’ attention and broaden your content reach and participation on social media. They are the most pleasing way to communicate your brand’s messages, whether for a new product launch, a company event, or an image sharing information about your business. Using visuals also aids in information delivery, allowing the audience to comprehend what you’re trying to express rapidly.

If you want to make the most of your B2B social media content, take additional care to design branded images that include your logo and brand colors. Your brand will be strengthened as a result, and it will be simpler for customers to remember your brand.

You don’t need to be a professional in Photoshop to create branded visuals. You can make your designs with Canva. You can alter and personalize thousands of templates on this visual platform to fit your brand.

Create infographics 


Create a bright, educational infographic to fit your products, then promote it on social media. Infographics are visual representations of data and information about a topic that is conveyed simply.

Long blocks of text make it harder to communicate your brand’s messages because they will overwhelm your audience with information. Thus, merging factual and visual components into a single image can improve audience comprehension.

B2B customers are better able to comprehend complex ideas through the use of attractive images. 

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Blog posts

Posting blog posts on your social media channels help in boosting social media engagement. 

Blog postings might help if you think your website needs additional SEO traffic or score since they help raise website discoverability and SEO rankings.

You can share them as photos on your social media accounts or add a few pertinent extracts to your text-based posts to encourage readers to visit your website and read the entire article.

Create behind-the-scenes posts

Using behind-the-scenes posts in B2B social media marketing aids in persuading your clients to invest in your company by showing them a personalized angle of your business.

Share pictures of you and your employees working behind the scenes to humanize your business. 

You can start by posting the leaders of your company and what positions they occupy. An alternative is to highlight outstanding performers. Each month, you should feature a few of these top workers so that your audience can understand and appreciate the hard work your brand is doing for them.

Another effective strategy for attracting your target audience is to showcase your office culture. Share stories about your workplace culture. Behind-the-scenes content presents your company honestly, allowing customers to have more faith in you. This is well-liked because your audience is curious about what you’re doing. 

Share insider information 

What specific details about your product, service, or sector do you know that other people don’t? Share these facts with others. Because the content is applicable, it will increase reader engagement. Customers who use your knowledge to advance their businesses will feel more obligated and connected to you.

Adopt social media trends

When creating B2B content for social media, follow and adopt social media trends that provide B2B solutions. 

Trends are helpful for the B2B sector since they assist you in choosing where you should concentrate your efforts to engage your audience. According to Forbes, increasing your marketing efforts is necessary due to shifting consumer expectations. This may entail giving a challenge a corporate spin, adding hashtags, or even signing up for a social media site like TikTok.

Your marketing team may quickly shift gears as needed by using the trend data. So, do well to concentrate on implementing social media trends.

Here are some tips for keeping up with social media trends:

  • Learn about trends in your industry:

The use of social media can change depending on the sector. Try to read periodicals, journals, insights, and industry-specific reports. It will assist you in creating engaging content that your readers will enjoy. 

  • Observe the social media posts of your competitors: Try to keep an eye out for what your competitors are posting or promoting. You can learn more about your competitors by using social monitoring. Next, try improving the audience’s content. Your social media visibility will be significantly increased as a result. 
  • Research social groups: Group services are available on both Facebook and LinkedIn. The majority of the time, group members discuss current events. Therefore, following the conversation and analyzing the dialogues will enable you to develop a solid content strategy that, in turn, generates more sales. 
  • Post social media stories: Posting stories daily is currently a popular trend on Facebook and Instagram. Statistics show that every day, 800 million people interact with social media stories. Your B2B customers will feel special thanks to your use of stories. So, try sharing frequent behind-the-scenes company stories. The next stage is to target the popular subjects and produce pertinent content for your social media channels once you have a handle on the conversation’s pulse.

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Post Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you are looking for an engaging content ideas for B2Bs, try “Frequently Asked Questions.” People frequently ask the same question when researching a business. You don’t have to answer all of their inquiries repeatedly. You should instead write a post regarding FAQs on your social media platform. 

By responding to frequently asked questions (FAQ), you may help your current customers learn more about your goods and services and potentially attract new ones looking for the answer to that question.

You can utilize FAQs as content topics for social media. Repurposing FAQs can be a very efficient way to keep your social media followers aware of your business. According to Social Report, repurposing previous content can increase your reach. So you can use the content repurposing strategy to produce social media infographics, pictures, GIFs, and video posts based on the subject of the FAQs. 

Additionally, you can produce videos on those subjects to respond to the questions of the buyer and aid in their decision-making.

Share GIFs and animations

Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs) or animation is a common content format used for B2B marketing on social media. We know that using animations or GIFs to entertain your audience can be pretty effective. However, you can also employ them to solve customer-related problems.

The silent videos often comprise brief animations that can effectively communicate feelings or specific messages to your audience about any subject essential to your business.

The following examples show how a GIF may be a powerful tool for your B2B brand:

  • You can express gratitude to your customers or staff by using GIFs.
  • Use GIFs as a how-to tutorial for your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn audiences.
  • Include the features of the product and illustrate them in a GIF post.

Keep your GIF design simple. Create a 1–5 second video that aesthetically conveys a message or highlights details you want your audience to see.

Only post one or two GIFs daily because posting more than that tends to dilute their impact.

Share employee spotlight 

This kind of content provides a glimpse into the experience of working for your company. You can use social media to enhance your branding by featuring employees in spotlight posts. Your willingness to share the employee spotlight indicates that they are content to work with you, and contented employees are a sign that your business is doing well. 

Don’t hesitate to direct your followers to check out your employees’ profiles when you share information about them. Presenting your employees’ viewpoints in your firm can help enhance customer trust and win many potential customers.

Share your achievements 

Share your milestones and the most inspiring moments in the history of your business. Your readers will find it fascinating to read about moments when you were on the verge of failure and when you succeeded in your essential objectives.

Talking about your brand’s accomplishments also boosts your chances of attracting new customers because B2B customers are more likely to believe in a company that has received public recognition. When you highlight business accomplishments, you can grab people’s attention and entice possible partners to join your business.

Publishing your top industry awards will help potential B2B customers learn more about your brand and why they should choose you over competitors in the same field. Your social media posts should demonstrate how significant the award was and what motivates you to get better every day.

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Wrapping Up

Use the creative content ideas presented in this article to develop a long-term social media strategy for your social media posts that will powerfully and positively influence potential B2B customers.

Content like short stories or videos, recycling frequently asked questions, and differentiating your content from your competitors based on current trends will give you the best results. Furthermore, conducting polls and showcasing your workplace culture will improve the perception of your brand.

Make sure you give Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter a go in addition to the other social media platforms that are effective for your field of business. Before beginning any campaign or activity to accomplish your business goals, conduct in-depth research on your target audience and industry.

Keep track of and measure what succeeds and fails so you can make adjustments in the future.