What is Sociallybuzz?

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Social Media Marketing Fort Lauderdale 

Sociallybuzz is a Fort Lauderdale social media marketing agency that helps business owners grow by leveraging social media marketing.

Sociallybuzz launched in 2009 based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a Social Media Marketing and Management, Advertising, and Reputation Management Company. We exist to help businesses grow using social media, data, and advertising.

Social Media Management Fort Lauderdale

We offer a wide range of social media management services to companies in Fort Lauderdale. Below is a list of services we offer to help you get the highest returns on your marketing investment:

  1. Social Media Management,
  2. Digital Advertising
  3. Lead Generation
  4. Franchise Marketing,
  5. Social Media Posting
  6. Reputation Management & other effective social media marketing strategies to grow your business.

We are the best Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency in Florida. However, we serve business owners and b2b companies in the US (not just Fort Lauderdale).

We have helped many companies like you get high ROI in Florida:

  • 18X Return on Advertising Spend and Over $3 Million in Sales for an Online Store. Read More
  • We used Facebook Ads and Google Ads to Drive Over 6 Figures in Sales for a B2B Brand. Read More

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. It’s not about how many fans, followers, or friends our clients have on their social networks. It’s about turning those people into customers, seat fillers, and brand lovers. It’s not about the tools, the CRM, SRM, social mark up language, or whatever fancy name they have for it. It’s about effectively utilizing the right social networks, geo location applications and/or consumer-to-business communication mediums to meaningfully connect customers to brands that they can feel great about.

Businesses or brands must reach their consumers at a level that connects them to something they value and we at Sociallybuzz get it! We don’t deliver one-time quick marketing fixes. We will consistently and effectively Build, Engage and Grow your business and brand.

Our Team

The Sociallybuzz team consists of experienced team with astounding (WOW) customer service. We happily share these core values as part of our culture

  • We’re Honest and Transparent
  • We Adapt to change
  • We Get Sh*t Done
  • We’re Always Accessible
  • We’re Knowledgeable and Resourceful
  • We’re Fearless Humans

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Give Back

We strongly believe in giving our time, talents and treasures to help the human race live, learn and love better. We’re not doing this to look cool, we’re doing this because it’s the right thing to do. It’s for the greater good.

– Andre Kay- CEO & Founder of Sociallybuzz

01% Pledge

Sociallybuzz is integrating Philanthropy into our Business! Read More