Facebook B2B Lead Generation [Organic and Facebook Ads]

Facebook b2b lead generation - how to generate facebook b2b leads
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B2B Facebook marketing is one of the best ways to communicate and connect with other businesses on Facebook. B2B Facebook lead generation is a great way to generate leads for your company by targeting other companies interested in your product or service.

Facebook is a social media platform perfect for B2B lead generation; according to “Datareportal,” Facebook had over 2.912 billion monthly active users. Leveraging Facebook Ads is one of the best ways to generate leads and nurture them into customers.

Businesses can generate leads from other companies by providing solutions to their bottlenecks.

Many businesses browse Facebook to find solutions to their problems. As a company or agency looking for “business leads on Facebook,” you can leverage Facebook ad audiences to generate B2B leads, using your products to solve their problems. 

Whatever your company’s goal for acquiring more B2B leads on Facebook ads, you must understand the basics of lead generation and know-how to optimize it to get the best results in an efficient time frame.

What is B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation refers to the action of generating leads for a company to pursue business deals with other companies. 

B2B lead generation is also a strategy for companies to find new business owners who are potential customers.

Let’s explore how to generate B2B leads on Facebook using Facebook ads and organic methods.

Facebook Ads B2B Lead Gen Strategies Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is best known to reach a broad audience of consumers online; it is best defined as a B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing channel.

However, Facebook is still one of the best B2B social media platforms to leverage; B2B companies can use Facebook Ads to get more leads with the right buyer persona.

Facebook has been seen as a platform for entertainment and engagement, especially the gaming section and Facebook Watch.

While LinkedIn has positioned itself as the top platform for B2B marketing, Facebook Ads can still do wonders for B2B companies.

Facebook B2B lead generation using Facebook pixel

A Facebook pixel is a little snippet of code that tracks your prospects’ movements back to Facebook from your website.

If you visit a company’s site and then exit, you may later see Facebook ads from that company on the product or service of what you were looking at when visiting their site.

That is the work of cookies and Facebook’s pixel.

Business owners often have a hard time paying for your product on your website because they get distracted by notifications from WhatsApp or other apps. This can affect sales and is also somewhat frustrating.

You might not have got their data before they leave.

But, one thing is sure: they will check on Facebook for updates before the end of the day.

Using Facebook pixel, you can remarket to people who didn’t complete their purchase on your cart page.

If you run Facebook retargeting Ads during this event, your prospects will see your Ads on Facebook and remember they were about placing an order on your site.

There are more chances that they will see your ad anywhere on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

Remarketing using Facebook pixel is a perfect strategy to skyrocket conversion rates by reminding customers of the products they were interested in but didn’t purchase.

Facebook ads have been around for years and have proven to be effective for B2B marketers to generate leads.

The best part about using Facebook ads for B2B lead generation is that getting started does not cost much. You can start with as little as $10 per day.

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Facebook B2B lead generation using Facebook Groups

One of the best ways for B2B companies to generate business leads is Facebook Groups. Facebook groups are primarily exclusive and require approval before new members can join. This way, you can allow only people or businesses with a genuine interest in your company to join your B2B group and generate B2B leads using Facebook groups.

You can also find Facebook groups related to your niche and join them. Doing this will enable you to see, communicate, network, and engage with prospects or business owners who might not be aware of your company.

Use your Facebook business page to target potential customers by publishing content to a targeted group on Facebook.

If you are using your profile to generate B2B leads on Facebook, ensure to optimize your Facebook profile for B2B lead generation.

Facebook Groups are an excellent way to build relationships with potential customers and provide them with valuable information.

Facebook B2B lead generation with Influencer marketing

A third way for B2B companies to generate B2B leads on Facebook is influencer marketing. This strategy aims to team up with someone with a large following on social media to drive sales and generate leads because they can drive traffic.

As the world becomes more visual, there is no shortage of opportunities for B2B companies to use influencers to generate B2B leads and drive sales.

Video is an easy way to get your message across, particularly if you’re a startup company. Creating a promotional and educational video with an influencer can show off your product and go a long way in gaining the trust of potential customers.

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Tips for Facebook B2B lead generation 

To generate business leads on Facebook, you need to have a solid B2B social media marketing strategy. Here are some tips for developing B2B leads on Facebook:

1) Have an engaging and informative page that people will want to visit: Include your company’s history, mission statement, product or service details and testimonials from happy clients.

2) Use your page, group, and profile to generate traffic: as a way to drive traffic back to your website or blog by posting links with quality content that your prospects will enjoy reading.

3) Network with founders and other business owners: To be successful in business, you need to develop a network of other business owners and entrepreneurs. This is how to thrive. You can join entrepreneur groups, attend seminars, host events, or simply network with business owners on Facebook.

4) Offer lead magnets: Want to grow your email list? Offer an e-book guide for free and use Facebook Ads to drive people to fill the form. You can offer a free trial version of your software to get B2B leads from Facebook. Ensure your Facebook Ad copy is well-detailed; nobody wants to share their personal information with a stranger or any website they see without knowing what they will get.

5) Create B2B business goals: One thing you should focus more on running Facebook ads is your Ads Objective and Ads Copy plus Demography. Your ads should clearly show that you are trying to target B2B companies, not the general Facebook user.

6) Leverage Facebook lookalike audiences: If you’ve run Facebook ads and generated qualified leads, you can create Lookalike audiences to generate leads on Facebook. Lookalikes Facebook audience is a type of Audience in Facebook Ads Manager that has similar characteristics as your original target audience. Generating B2B Facebook leads is made easy with Facebook lookalikes.

7) Targeting the right audience: You need to target your audience to get the best results on Facebook. If you are not targeting correctly, you won’t be successful in generating business leads on Facebook. It’s important to know who you’re targeting so that you can create the right message and offer them what they want.

8) Content is king: The content that you post should be relevant to your target audience and informative enough so that they will want to sign up for it. It’s important to note that it’s not just about posting on Facebook; you have to take the time to create exciting content and make sure it’s engaging.

9) Timing and strategy: Timing and strategy are essential for B2B lead gen. The best time to reach prospects is when they are most receptive to a message. This can be done by segmenting your leads and targeting them with the appropriate and personalized message at the right time in their decision-making process.

Wrapping-Up on B2B Facebook lead gen

Facebook B2B lead generation is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Despite the decrease in reach and increase in ad costs, Facebook is a lucrative channel to reach out to potential customers (business owners).

Whatever is the purpose of your B2B business, Facebook is at least enough to find qualified prospects for you.

Join relevant Facebook groups and provide answers to group members’ questions such that it complies with the group’s standard and that of the Facebook community.

Running ads on Facebook is what you should leverage as a B2B business owner. Curate Facebook ads that you will show to those who like your page and their friends.

Although not everyone is your target audience, using Facebook ads to reach this range of audiences is a great idea. Your ads copy will help your target customers connect with you and become the leads you want.

FAQs about generating B2B leads on Facebook.

How do I generate B2B leads on Facebook?

There are many ways you can generate B2B leads on Facebook. One of the simplest ways is to create a page on Facebook for your business and use it to run ads and post updates related to your business. Another way to get business owners is to create an event or Facebook group and invite people from your friend list who are also in your target niche.

When you have an event, you can also promote it to people who have liked your page. Doing this will help generate interest in your event and generate interesting leads for your business.

How do you generate leads on Facebook?

Facebook is a social media platform for connecting with friends and family and an advertising platform for connecting with potential customers.

You can generate leads on Facebook by creating a Facebook account and then creating a fan page for your business. You can then promote your business through Facebook advertising or your business’ Facebook page via other social media sites.

The best way to generate leads on Facebook is by having an active, engaging presence on Facebook. This is achieved by commenting regularly. 

Does Facebook Work for B2B lead gen?

Many companies have found success with Facebook for lead generation, but the platform’s best qualities are reserved for B2C companies. B2B companies you should focus on are LinkedIn and Twitter to find new leads.

What does B2B lead generation mean?

B2B lead generation refers to generating leads for a company to pursue business deals. It is also a strategy for companies to keep their customer base fresh with new leads.