Best Social Media Advertising Platforms and Strategies in 2022

Social Media advertising
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In social media advertising, marketers and business owners are curious about finding the best social media platform to spend their money.

Here is another epic blog post highlighting the best social media advertising platforms to utilize and promote your business.

When researching the best social Advertising network to utilize and reach your target audience, you have to consider a few things.

  1. Which social media platform has a considerable number of my target audience?
  2. How much time does my target audience spend on this platform?
  3. Which of these platforms performs well when it comes to paid ads
  4. Which of these platforms is the best match for my audience?

If you can answer these questions perfectly, you will know the best social media platform to use when advertising your products/services online. 

Of course, we all know that Facebook is the most popular social media platform with over 2.85 billion active monthly users globally. So it’s undoubtfully the best social media platform to advertise but not always the case.

Facebook is said to be the best because it has all types of audiences with different interests.

The funny but sad truth here is that you will spend a lot of money advertising on Facebook if you’re not an expert Facebook Ad marketer.

The best solution is to retarget; otherwise, the most cost-effective way to be successful with social media advertising is to hire our social media marketing agency, Sociallybuzz; and we will take care of your social media P.P.C. campaigns for the best possible result.

I will cover how to;

  • – First, find untapped social media platforms to promote your business.
  • – Then, second, find a social media platform that is 2x cheaper than Facebook advertising cost.
  • – Next, find the best social media advertising platform for your business (for a specific niche).
  • – Finally, find never-taught advertising strategies that have high potential to convert prospects to customers.


Advantages of social media advertising.

Advertising ideas for small businesses.

Advertising ideas for restaurants.

I will focus on untapped Ad targeting strategies that are unique to each social media advertising platform. So let’s jump to the list.


Social Media advertising

With 1.88 billion daily active users, Facebook is, beyond doubt, the best social media network to advertise your business online. According to the data from Statista, Facebook accounts for almost 72% of social media usage in the United States.

Facebook has a wide range of advertising options that allows you to get a high ROI (Return on Investment). Their messenger advertising strategy is one of the best ways to achieve this. 

A couple of people neglect the impact of messaging platforms when it comes to advertising. Well, you might not be familiar with this strategy, but it converts. Using this strategy allows you to turn your prospect into a customer in the long run. 

You can use automation tools or retargeting campaigns to direct a unique user to a specific funnel or landing page or sell them a fantastic product while selling different products. 

You can achieve this by using the prompt command option to know what interests a particular customer and thus directing them to the proper funnel. 

You can even use this strategy to send prospects offers in the future if they didn’t convert immediately by collecting their contact E-mail or phone number. 

According to Larry Kim, he said, “I love this strategy because it captures everyone’s contact details with the ‘SEND MESSAGE’ button.” 

You will have to read the latest “Facebook business messenger advertising policy” before using this strategy to avoid violating their policy.

Another excellent advertising strategy Facebook has is “campaign budget optimization(CBO).” 

With this strategy, you can set two or more similar ads to run simultaneously. 

Facebook will hyper-promote the top-performing ad in that Ad set. Other ads getting a lower engagement will take a small portion of money from the campaign’s total budget.

I love this strategy, but it requires a lot of money to get the best result, especially if you’re testing multiple audiences with multiple ad content.

Facebook has many advertising features that help marketers to achieve excellent results when curating any type of campaign. 


With the Facebook interest-match, you can create an Ad for specific people interested in a particular thing. 

If you want to target football lovers, you have to key in “FOOTBALL” in the “INTEREST” section to target this set of audience. 


You have 100% control of how to manage your Ad campaign. You can decide to show the Ad to the people living in the USA alone or any country.


You can select the language your target audience speaks and their demographics(age and gender). You can even specify when to start, end, and where to display the campaign.


You can choose to show the Ad on the news feed, status wall, search results, messenger, Instagram, and the rest. All of this feature is available to the Facebook business users. 


Their “PIXEL,” popularly known as “Facebook PIXEL,” ensures you are remarketing your business to potential and active customers who have made at least one visit to your website.

This strategy helps in optimizing for ROI (Return on Investment) and conversion optimization. You will not spend money trying to create a new audience with a 50/50 challenge to engage with your Ad. 

According to “Larry Kim’s” Ad experiment on Facebook, Remarketing Ad performs 3x better than a regular Ad. It’s true because he’s presenting the Ad to his customer or a potential customer interested in his business and not to a strange person.

What makes this pixel strategy the best is that it allows you to target people who visited your website in the “Last X days” without taking action. You can even filter your Ad to target “ONLY” those who visited specific pages on your website.

Who should use Facebook to advertise their business? 

The answer is “everybody” because Facebook has all audiences with every interest you could imagine. 

Over seven million businesses are currently using Facebook to advertise.

With over 2.85 billion monthly users, Facebook seems to be the most popular social media network/platform globally.

And, again, your potential customers use Facebook every day; that’s why you need to use it when curating your social media advertising campaign.

Bonus: Facebook will help you reach more audiences through the “Boost post” promotional strategy. You don’t have to create a custom audience from scratch. You can decide to show the boosted post to only those who “Liked” your page or use your existing audience.


Social Media advertising

Youtube is the most popular social streaming website on earth, with 2.3 billion monthly active users. Youtube also serves as a search engine. Many people believe it’s a video version of google since it has bunches of information and solutions in video formats. 

Youtube was acquired by Google a couple of years back. Now it’s part of a google-owned property. 

Advertising on other social networks while leaving Youtube behind is not advisable. Youtube users spend an overwhelming amount of time using this media. Youtube users generate over 1 billion views every single day. 

That’s a tremendous amount of engagement. 

Youtube report shows that the “How-To, games, sports, music, entertainment, education, tech, and news/entertainment categories” are among the most popular niches on this platform.

Youtube has the answer to every question you could imagine. It’s the most significant video search engine and the second most popular search engine behind Google. 

Youtube is a hidden gem. Even if you don’t want to use it for your paid campaigns, the organic reach will do much better. In addition, Google features relevant Youtube videos in the Google search result pages (this is a big plus for Youtube users). 

Using Youtube to reach your audience is more accessible than to do with Google. Google’s ranking algorithm is overwhelming. Youtube is straightforward and not too tricky. More engagement=more ranking. That’s the basics of the Youtube ranking factors.

Youtube has a considerable amount of userbase. 2.3+ Billion monthly users are enough to house some portion of your target audience. So whether you are in the marketing niche, education niche, real estate niche, or any industry, Youtube has a sufficient audience you could sell to and make money. 

What makes Youtube advertising unique is the “attention-grabbing” when you are watching a video. 

Before you start to watch any video, youtube will likely show a targeted ad to you, which triggers you to click on the ad. You can’t skip the advertisement unless you reach a specific interval (5 seconds). 

So, even if your prospect didn’t click the ad right away, they knew what the ad is all about. Therefore, there’s a big possibility of your target audience engaging with your Ad when they see it again in their lifetime.

Below are the types of YouTube Ads formats.

  1. – Overlay ads
  2. – TrueView ads
  3. – Non-skippable instream ads
  4. – Sponsored card ads
  5. – Bumper Instream ads
  6. – Display ads

I won’t go into full details about Youtube advertising formats.

Instead, I will give you a quick overview of what the terms above mean.

Trueview ads are few short videos you see before watching a video on Youtube. Users have the control or option to skip the ad after or on the 5th second.

Trueview ad is one of the best types of advertising on Youtube. 

You, as an advertiser, will only have to pay when your target audience interacts (clicks), watch the video for at least 30 seconds or watch the entire video ad.

Overlay ads are the one that pops out in the footer section when you are watching a video. This type of banner advertising is only available for desktop users. It can be in text or banner form.

Non-skippable ads are calculated per 1,000 views(C.M.P. -Cost Per 1,000 impressions). You can’t skip this ad when it displays to you.

Non-skippable is similar to “TRUEVIEW ADS.” The difference is that Trueview is calculated per click or engagement while non-skippable is per 1,000 views. Non-skippable is available on desktop devices, mobile, game consoles, and TVs, just as the Trueview ads.

The non-skippable ad minimum length is 15 seconds, while 20 seconds is the max. In Trueview, users can only skip the ad after 5 seconds.

The bumper ad is a child ad format of the non-skippable ad. It’s not skippable; It utilizes the CPM advertising strategy. The difference between this ad and the non-skippable ad is that you only have six seconds to present your offer.

Youtube display ads are displayed or shown on the suggested video section at the right sidebar above-suggested videos.

Youtube sponsored card ad is another type of advertising that uses a different format. It’s usually an “i” icon at the top right corner of your Youtube screen. When users click on that “i” icon, the ad will drop down immediately.

Below are some of the most popular topics on Youtube:

  • – Music
  • – Sports
  • – How-to
  • – Entertainment
  • – Comedy
  • – Movies
  • – Tech
  • – News
  • – Education
  • – Vlogging
  • – Podcasting

T I P.: When Advertising with Youtube, try as much as possible to craft an irresistible intro. Your video intro is the essential aspect of your Youtube marketing tactics. If the video intro is boring, users will skip it. On the other hand, if you present, engaging video intro, people will click on it regularly.

Bonus: Direct users to your “NEW” video on Youtube if you want to get more engagement for a specific video respectively.

Your video engagement determines how much Youtube would promote it. Youtube promotes videos that acquired a more significant amount of attention in the first 24 hours in a unique way.

If you have a new video that you want to rank organically, create a short youtube video ad and direct users to that video. If they engage positively, Youtube is likely to boost that video content organically.

I firmly believe that every business needs to use Youtube when advertising on social platforms because it’s the most popular social streaming website.  

Why are you still waiting? Add Youtube to your social advertising list and prioritize your ad spend depending on the best performing ad/social platform.

Warning: Your video Ad presentation determines your CTR. Ensure that your Youtube video ad intro is attractive enough to persuade users to click through.

If you are still contemplating to advertise on Youtube, read the facts below.

With over 2.3+ billion users across the world, Youtube is the most popular video-streaming platform on earth. Thousands-millions of people are interested in your offer. A good number of Youtube users are waiting for you to pitch them with your ad to be your customer.

The 2.3+ billion Youtube users contribute to 1 billion hours of views made on this platform every single day. So that’s a lot of billion views every month.

According to Oberlo. 79% of internet users have at least one Youtube account. That’s a considerable amount.

YouTube is available in over 100 countries and 80 languages, including unpopular languages like Khmer, Azerbaijani, and Laotian.

Youtube is mobile-friendly. 70% of the YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices. Mobile usage surpasses desktop usage. The report shows that your ad will be effective on every mobile device.

Your competitors are already using Youtube to advertise. A total of 62% of businesses use YouTube to publish content for their target audience. 

Youtube is the second most popular website globally behind Google. Two search engines from one company dominate first and the second position. Wow.

Youtube is the second most popular social media platform. Facebook tops the chart while Youtube follows up.

Let’s move to the following social advertising platform in this list.


Social Media advertising

Quora is a question and answer platform that some marketers neglect. I know you will be thinking of seeing something like Twitter or Instagram before Quora. 

I am featuring Quora here due to its super targeting technique that most advertising platform doesn’t have. 

Quora has a super-specific ad targeting technique that Facebook doesn’t have, making this social platform unique.

Quora can reduce your total ad spend up to 50% when compared to a Facebook Ad. That’s a considerable advantage to Quora Advertisers.

A famous blogger from India, “Anil Agarwal,” believes quora advertising is 2x cheaper than Facebook advertising. In a comment he made on Facebook, he said;

You can get the same result on quora for half the price of a Facebook Ad. He’s right. Facebook will increase your Ad spend to give you the same reach. 

I.e., if you had spent $100 to reach 5,000 people, as time goes on, you would spend up to $200 to get the same 5,000 reaches. That’s how the Facebook algorithm works, especially when you spend more.

The downfall of using quora as an advertising platform is that they lack massive users. 

There’s nothing like fake accounts in Quora, which we have 11% and 5% of Facebook accounts to be duplicates and fake accounts respectively.

In 2021, Quora has 300 million monthly users. So it’s less to compare to Facebook in this aspect. 

An untapped Ad targeting strategy I love about Quora is the “Answer-specific” option in the contextual Ad section. Digital marketers know how hard it is to present or tailor Adverts that answer a particular question alone without being generic.

Of course, you know it’s not too easy, even if you are retargeting. With quora, you can answer a particular question and promote it as an Ad to target anybody searching for an answer to that specific question “ONLY.”

When I’m saying “ONLY,” I mean, nobody would see that Ad except the people browsing or viewing the question and answer page of that specific term.

If you are targeting this keyword >> “How to run a perfect social media advertising campaign” using the “Answer-Specific” strategy, only the people with this interest would see the Ad. 

If your interest is “How to run a Facebook campaign,” you won’t see the Ad unless the advertiser includes the phrase in the “Answer-specific” text area provided. 

You can target many terms which are similar or identical to the keyword you are targeting. Of course, this makes Quora one of the best advertising platforms. 

Semrush urges marketers to use Quora in their marketing strategy because of the “Answer-specific” option, quality traffic, and a couple of other reasons. 

Also, most of the people using Quora are graduates and mid-high income earners. So you have a lot of benefits here using the platform when advertising on social media.

Quora also has a tracking cookie, just like Facebook. You can install the code on your website to track your website users and remarket them on Quora. There are a couple of strategies you can use to make the best of Quora. 

Quora has most of the advertising tools/format Facebook has, except the Facebook messenger/story advertising ad format + advanced pixel ad strategy. 

Who should use Quora to sponsor their business?

Are you a digital marketer? Quora report shows that the tech niche is one of the most popular topics in their platform. This platform is essential for your brand exposure. 

If you are a writer of any kind, you can use this platform to reach a more targeted audience with similar interests.

Recently, the fitness, exercise, muscle, bodybuilding and, health categories saw massive answer views. Each is getting a minimum of 1.3 million and a maximum of 7.9 million answer views in two weeks. 

Anyone could use this platform for advertising because;

Quora answers most times come from search results as rich result carousels.

Bonus: An untapped advertising strategy to get more value on ad spend is to answer a question on Quora. Then, promote the answer to target people searching for an answer to that particular question. 

Stop the promotion when the promoted answer has gotten enough upvotes to rank in the top 10 answers to that question. 

Your answer will gain more views when you implement the simple Ad hack above. 

You will also get more exposure through “Google Quora-Answer-Box carousels.” As a result, you will only spend less to promote the Ad and benefit from the organic results from google and quora.

Below are a few of the most followed topics in quora(as of June 2020)

  • Movies >> 78.6 Million Followers,
  • Food >> 72 Million Followers,
  • Science >> 69.9 Million Followers,
  • Music >> 67.2 Million Followers.

Quora seems to be a lucrative social platform to advertise your business. There are a lot of other topics that have over 50 million followers.

Fact: Ex-president of the United States of America, BARACK OBAMA, uses this platform. Therefore, it’s essential to venture into Quora marketing. 

According to Alexa, India, U.S.A, and Canada are the three countries with the highest users.

If you intend to target any of these three countries, you will surely need Quora. 

India contributes to 37% of total users, USA, 25%, and Canada 2.9%.


Social Media advertising

Instagram is a Facebook property that has grown to be the most popular image/video sharing social platform.

Unlike Facebook that allows you to share text as a post, Instagram will only allow you to share images and videos. 

Instagram users see more engagement than Facebook users because Facebook had reduced post reach to force businesses using the platform to spend more on Adverts.

 If you want a higher return on your social media advertising campaign, Instagram is the tool you need. 

It’s popular with people of the age range 18-24 and 25-34. 

29.6% of Instagram users are aged 18-24, while 25-34 accounts for 33.1%.

Billions of people use Instagram for a specific purpose. At the same time, some industry possesses a high rate of users interest. Below are the categories with the highest amount of interest.

Interest > % of users interested

Travel > 45%

Music > 44%

Food & Drink > 43%

Fashion > 42%

Movies > 41%

Health/Fitness > 35%

Technology > 32%

Skin care/Cosmetics > 30%

Sports > 30%

News > 28%

If the demographics listed above fall under your interest, then you have no other choice to use Instagram as your #1 marketing platform(both paid and organically). 

With over 1.2 billion users, Instagram is the top leading image/video sharing platform that allows brands and businesses to reach their target audience in different regions and languages. 

Instagram allows you to feature your Ad in user’s stories, search results and, newsfeed. 

Instagram “reels” get many engagements. The Instagram “Reels” is similar to the “TikToks” 15 seconds short video. You can create an Instagram reels Ad to target your audience. You can select where to show the Ad to reach a wider audience.

Video streaming/sharing platform has multiplied since video post tends to get much engagement than a static photo. As a result, a lot of marketers prioritize video advertising in their marketing strategy. 

Bonus: Influencer marketing is effective. It’s a famous promotional strategy brand marketers use to promote their business on Instagram. 

Reach out to mini influencers to promote your content on social media. Influencers with 0-25k followers tend to get more post engagement rate than the ones with 100k and above. 

Fact: Over 500 million users use Instagram stories every day. You’ve got a robust reason to utilize Instagram story-wall advertising.

Fact: Instagram users who use human faces see higher engagement per post than those using stock images (Use human faces and engaging videos when advertising on IG).

Fact: Males account for 49% of Instagram users, while females dominate 51%. You can see that there is a balance between female and male users here—just a 1% difference. 

Fact: 71% of the US adults within the age bracket 18-29 use Instagram.

Fact: 69% of IG users open the app daily. 42% open this app more than once per day.

The data above shows how much users care for this platform. If you have an interest in young USA adults, you have to use Instagram. 

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram has enough users interested in your Ad. So Instagram is indeed one of the best social media to advertise your business. So without a doubt, you need Instagram.

Here at “SOCIALLYBUZZ,” we take care of your social media marketing. Contact us to handle your social media advertising campaigns.


Social Media advertising

Pinterest is an image search engine and a social media platform for image search/discovery. This platform has grown into a popular social media platform. 

Pinterest works as a search engine for images and as a social image-sharing platform. Pinners have saved over 240 billion pins. 

Pinterest allows its users to pin images and now videos to their boards. 

Board is like a category that houses a particular area-specific interest. 

Pins can be repinned on another board by another Pinterest user. 

You can create many boards with one Pinterest account. 

Users can search for pins and products using the Pinterest image search tool, Pinterest Lens.

Pinterest is the only social media platform on this list that boosts up to or more than four months post lifespan.

Pinterest has the highest post lifespan of any other social platform. According to research, it’s the #1 social media platform with a longer post lifespan on earth. 

I’ve tested it and found that it’s true. 

One of my pins on Pinterest lasted for a couple of weeks before getting 0 engagement. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms that dies-off within few hours. Pinterest pin lasts for months.

If you decide to leave all these opportunities for your competitor, you are giving them a quick lead.

Advertising on social media using Pinterest is a big plus. The reason is because of their demographics data. Read below;

  • – Pinterest has over 478 million monthly active users and 100+ million in the united states. 
  • – Over 40% of users are between the age of 25 and 35.
  • 80% of US moms are Pinterest users.
  • – Pinterest is the 4th most used social network in the USA.
  • 35% of Americans use Pinterest.
  • – 77% of Pinterest Ad audience are females.
  • 89% of Pinterest revenue is from the US.
  • – Over 100 million USA net surfers use this platform. Germany, France, UK, and Canada are 17, 12, 10, 10 million respectively.
  • Female users dominate over 60% of Pinterest’s gender demographics.
  • – 45% of people in the United States with a household income of over $100K are using Pinterest.
  • – Users spend over 25% shopping. Shopping inspiration drove 89% of Pinterest users. Shoppers on Pinterest grew by 50%. Pinterest ads are 2.3 cheaper per conversion than other social media ads – SproutSocial.

This data shows that targeting female demographics and the USA in your Pinterest social media ad will indeed perform well.

Pinterest has over 300 million organic keywords ranking on Google, which generates traffic for them. Pinterest, as I said earlier, works as a search engine and a social image discovery network. 

For Pinterest to work for you, you need to implement the basic SEO tactics. It involves meta description optimization, search intent optimization, title tag optimization, alt text implementation, keyword research and mapping.

Apart from running a paid Pinterest campaign, you can still benefit from Pinterest search traffic from different search engine result pages (SERP). 

So promoting an existing pin will help the content get more engagement which boosts the post in the Pinterest pin search result, thus, taking advantage of organic results. 

In Pinterest SEO, Engagement is what determines your pin ranking in search results.

Pinterest advertisers who use Pinterest tag script on their website can retarget their customers and prospects when advertising on Pinterest. 

Even if you don’t have a Pinterest tag script installed on your website, you can use an external script to retarget your audience. 

Pinterest is easy to use when it comes to advertising. And can boost your brand awareness/sales without having much time to spend on creating your ad.

Facebook allows you to retarget a new visitor using an advanced Facebook marketing strategy. 

But not everybody can run a perfect Facebook ad campaign.

Pinterest allows you to find a new set of audiences to engage with your ad in a less complicated way. All you have to do is toggling the option to target a new set of audience when running your ad campaigns. 

Bonus: Pinterest also has the “Term-Specific” ad targeting feature as quora. This ad-hack strategy allows marketers to target specific terms without going too broad. 

Another thing that makes Pinterest advertising one of the best is the availability of keyword potential reach when curating your ad. 

Pinterest will display how many searches each keyword generates in a month.

The insight allows you to choose the best keyword to target in your Pinterest ad. Pinterest is the right tool for your social media marketing if your target audience resonates with this platform.


  1. – When planning your Pinterest Ad, ensure the text overlay on your pin is descriptive.
  2. – Don’t use stock images alone.
  3. – Utilize texts to send messages to your ideal audience.

Pinterest reads the text on your image. With these texts, Pinterest can easily read and understand its context to categorize the pin. 

Besides, a well-curated image thumbnail increases your CTR (click-through rate).

Fact: Pinterest conversion rate converts more than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platform on this list.

Fact: Pinterest pin life span is more significant than any other social media on earth.


Social Media advertising

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and one of the oldest social networking platforms, launched in 2006. 

Twitter has been a significant source of news to many people in the world. The Twitter trend is the fascinating thing in this micro-blogging platform. 

Many people depend on Twitter for current news within their location. Male demographics account for 70.4% of Twitter users. Female users have only 29.7%. 

Yes, Twitter houses an immense amount of male demographics than the female. 

If you have a particular product you want to promote for the male gender, Twitter is the right social media network to spend your social media advertising money. 

People from this age range 25-34 accounts for 28.9% of Twitter users and 35-49, 28.2%. Overall, people aged 25-49 dominates 57.1% of Twitter users.

With over 36 million people, the USA tends to have large unique users, while India is said to have 55 million users. Twitter is very popular in the United States and India. 

If you are super interested in the U.S.A./Indian market, Twitter is indeed the right social networking platform to use for your subsequent social media advertising campaigns.

News, sports and, tech are one of the most popular topics on this platform. If any of the listed facts above are relevant to your target audience, you need Twitter in your social media advertising strategy.

Bonus: #Hashtags performs well on this platform. Follow trending topics and create a Unique Ad to capture users’ attention towards your brand.

Bonus: Promote highly engaged tweets to gain more exposure.


Social Media advertising

LinkedIn is a job-posting social network. It’s one of the oldest systems through which users find high-quality work without having to walk around in search of a job. 

Ever since the launch of LinkedIn in 2003, LinkedIn has helped many people in getting virtual and physical work with ease. 

Below facts will help you determine if LinkedIn relates to your target audience social media advertising buyer persona;

  • People within the age 24-35 dominates the age demographics, Accounting for 59.9% of the total LinkedIn audience. 
  • 57.5% of LinkedIn users are male. Female demographic 42.6%.
  • Over 700 million people use LinkedIn every month.
  • Over 45 million businesses have LinkedIn accounts.
  • LinkedIn is available in 200 countries
  • Over 25% of USA. Adults are LinkedIn users.

Below are the most popular countries using LinkedIn.

  1. The United States has a total of 178 million
  2. India has 76 million
  3. Mainland China accounts for 53 million
  4. Brazil, 49 million
  5. In the United Kingdom, 30 million
  6. France has 22 million
  7. Canada has 18 million
  8. Indonesia, 18 million
  9. Mexico, 16 million
  10. DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), 16 million
  11. Italy has 15 million
  12. Spain, 13 million
  13. And finally, Australia 11 million.

A couple of people believes that LinkedIn is not much active. However, the data above shows that LinkedIn is still relevant and engaged.

Do you have any of this country in your audience targeting list? If yes, LinkedIn could be the right social network for your next social media ad campaign.

Bonus: If you search for an alternate social network to reach the people living in China, LinkedIn will serve you better. Your Ad return on Investment is likely to yield a fantastic result because LinkedIn users are primarily professionals, freelancers and, business/brand owners.


Social Media advertising

Snapchat is a social video/image sharing platform. Teenagers love this platform. Before the sudden burst of TikTok, Snapchat has been the #1 rival of Instagram. 

Snapchat is rapidly growing. Recently they reached 500 million active monthly users surpassing Pinterest, popular Twitter, quora, and Reddit. 

Young adults and teenagers use this platform regularly. So let’s assume you have a marketing campaign that needs to target young adults or teens. 

Snapchat will perform well for you; Snapchat is the best social medium to advertise your product/service and reach younger ages.

Snapchat is the second most popular messaging app in the United States behind Facebook Messenger.


Social Media advertising

TikTok is now the biggest Instagram rival. It’s a video-sharing platform that allows its users to share short videos. 

TikTok becomes popular with the help of influencers and celebrities. When an influencer joins the platform, their loyal audience follows them up immediately to TikTok.

Young-aged people often use TikTok. Teenagers and young adults dominate the most significant percentage of TikTok users. Businesses and brands that utilize TikTok for social media promotion have many concerns about influencer marketing.

Short videos perform well on TikTok. Entertainment, music, comedy are a few of the categories that resonate with users. TikTok is still growing but has gotten a significant amount of traction. 

With over 689 million users, TikTok has a considerable amount of users that can transform your Ad spend to triple income. Users spend much time on this platform, just like Instagram and Twitter. 

Use TikTok to reach young adults and teenagers; Target these demographics in your social media strategy.

The stats below show the need to advertise on TikTok.

  • – TikTok is the most downloaded mobile app in 2020/2021.
  • – TikTok has been downloaded over 6 billion times.
  • – TikTok has 689 global international users in 2021.
  • – Over 100 million users in the USA.
  • – One hundred million users are from Europe.
  • – TikTok was launched in 2016. Now the 7th most popular social network in the world.
  • – TikTok is available in more than 200 countries.


Social Media advertising

Reddit is one of the most popular social networks in the United States. Reddit is not popular in other parts of the world, but it’s widespread in the USA. Reddit has over 430 million monthly users. 

Redditors (Reddit users) can post videos, images, long articles, and links or questions for people to interact with a given content.

Sub-reddits are a Reddit community that allows users to share an idea about a particular topic. 

Reddit gets billions of views every month. Male demographics are much larger than female demographics. Over half of the Reddit traffic comes from the USA.

If your goal is to target the USA or male demographics, Reddit is one of the best social media networks to use.


The first step you have to take when planning your social media advertising strategy and campaign is to find suitable social media that resonates with your target audience. 

It has to be in contrast with the volume of users on that platform and the media that converts more.

Tip: Find the social network with a large amount of your target audience and create a campaign to target them. Another thing to consider is the medium that converts more than the other.

The data below shows users’ interest and intention before accessing some of the social media apps listed above.

Social Media advertising

As you can see, Twitter(56%) users love to read news-related tweets more than Pinterest, Snapchat, IG and, Facebook. 

Pinterest(47%) users are always ready to shop and discover a new product.

Now you know the reason to use each medium when curating your social media ad strategy.

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Social Media advertising

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook or any other social platform?

When it comes to PPC (pay per click) or CPM (cost per 1000 impressions), your Ad depends on many factors. 

Some factors include;

  • – Objective
  • – Targeting (location)
  • – Reach
  • – Budget
  • – Demographic
  • – Creatives

On average, Facebook would cost you $0.1 – $1 per click.  

So this depends on many factors. The amount you will pay when advertising on Facebook is different when advertising on Quora, Pinterest, or Instagram. 

You will likely pay a different amount fee when targeting male or female demographics. 

Quora is among the cheapest platform to advertise.

Female demographics sometimes cost more than male demographics. For example, when targeting the USA, you will likely pay more compared to when you are targeting Indians.

These are few factors that determine how much you will pay per ad.

Which social media platform is the best for social media advertising?

To answer this question, you need to uncover your target audience demographics, interest, and favorite social media platform.

Facebook is still the king here. 

If you are targeting female demographics or women in the USA, use Pinterest. If you are interested in men, Twitter/Reddit is the right platform.

Do you prefer younger ages? Are TikTok and Snapchat the best option? Yea.

Assuming that your business aligns to Travel, Music, Food & Drink, Fashion, Movies, Health/Fitness, Technology, Skincare/Cosmetics, Sports, or the News niche. Instagram/Facebook will work for you.

Quora can work out for you in the tech niche, science, movies, food, and music as well.

Quora is also cheaper than Facebook Ad. So if you are on a low budget, Quora is where to get started.

Twitter is ideal for news, music and, sports niches.

Pinterest works well for E-commerce brands. However, TikTok, Snapchat and, Instagram perform well when it comes to video campaigns.

LinkedIn is ideal for professionals.

TIP: Find the platform that matches your target audience buyer persona and the platform they use often.

How do I get a better return on Ad spend?

The solution is to hire an experienced social media marketer to curate your social media advertising campaigns. 

Our agency ensures you never waste money trying what doesn’t work—partner with the “SociallyBuzz Agency” for a positive social Ad result. Schedule a call; we will call you shortly.



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