Local Campaign Vs. Google Performance Max Campaign (The Results Will Shock You)

Google Performance Max Campaign VS Google Local Campaign
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Our Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising Company, Sociallybuzz, Inc, conducted a test for one of our clients in the franchise industry; it’s a US-based local coffee brand with 100+ locations. We wanted to know which type of campaign converts best for our client and would drive more customers to their franchisee locations, so we ran an A/B test comparison between the Local Campaign and Google Performance Max Campaign.

We found that the Google Performance Max Campaign converted much better than the Local Campaign, but what’s the difference between the two? You will be shocked to see the result.

In today’s guide, we will compare the Google Local Campaign and Google Performance Max Campaign to see which is best for your business.

Below is a YouTube video of Google Performance Max Campaign and Local Campaign:

Google performance max campaign vs Google local campaign

Meaning of Local Campaign and Google Performance Campaign?

What is Google Local Campaign?

Google Local Campaign is a type of campaign that lets you promote your local business on Google Search and Display Network, Google Maps and YouTube.
This service allows you to increase your local business’ visibility on Google advertising channels and networks to drive people from Google properties to your local store effortlessly.

What is Google Performance Max Campaign?

Google Performance Max Campaign is a new goal-based advertising campaign that allows advertisers to set up an automated campaign that intelligently targets audiences based on their intent and behavior.

Google Performance Ads takes advantage of real-time Google’s machine-learning algorithms, automation, and proprietary data to bid smartly, optimize ad budget, and target audiences as never before.

It’s possible to find your target audience anywhere they are online with a single Google Performance Max Campaign; this is possible because you have access to all Google Ads inventory where you can place an ad on Google Ad platforms and networks.

Local Campaign Vs. Google Performance Max Campaign

Check out this Head-to-head comparison to find the winner.

Our Verdict for this Comparison

We spent $50 daily for each campaign (Google Performance Max Campaign and the Local Campaign). However, Google Performance Max spent $7 more than the Local Campaign. The $7 increment resulted from auto-bidding and budget optimization, which uses automation.

We got 3,709 more location visits from the Google Performance Max Campaign than comparably from the Local Campaign.

We also found that Google Performance Max Campaign achieved three more website visits during the evaluation period versus the Local Campaign.

Regarding impressions, Google Performance Max Campaign got 155,980 more impressions than the Local Campaign.

When it comes to conversion rate, a significant difference can be seen between Google Performance Max Campaign and the Local Campaign. 10.57% more conversions came from Google Performance Max Campaign, which is nearly 200% more than the Local Campaign.

The winner of this comparison is based on engagement metrics such as Impressions, website clicks, location visits, and conversion rate.

We can see that “GOOGLE PERFORMANCE MAX CAMPAIGN” is the clear winner here.

What are the Key Differences Between Google Performance Max Campaign and Local Campaign?

Manual V.s Automation

The local Campaign approach is manual, while Google Performance Max uses automation to bid smartly on your behalf while targeting your ideal customers efficiently. The goal of the Google Performance Max Campaign-type is to save you time, optimize your ad budget and give you a boost in conversions.

Human V.s Machine Learning

You must set up the campaign, target the right audience, and optimize it regularly to increase your conversions with the Local Campaign. 

However, Google Performance Max makes the system more efficient by leveraging Google technologies and machine learning to target people most likely to convert while giving you hints and suggestions to optimize your campaign better.

Overall Performance

In all the metrics we used above for comparison, Google Performance Max Campaign outperformed the Local Campaign.

Conversion rates vary for each type of business, but a few factors are controllable and can drastically change your business conversions. In context, Google Performance Max leveraged automation and machine learning to help businesses increase their conversion rate.

In our test, Google Performance Max Campaign got 10.57% more conversions than the Local Campaign; amazing, right?

Assuming each conversion value is $100, and we got 100 conversions. In that case, Google Performance Max Campaign adds an extra $1,057 to our revenue for every 100 conversions we make.

Who wouldn’t like to get more conversions without hassle? You can leverage this opportunity in your next ad campaign by using Google Performance Max.

Google Performance Max Campaign Infographics

Infographics - Google Performance Max Campaign VS Google Local Campaign - sociallybuzz.com
Infographics – Google Performance Max Campaign VS Google Local Campaign – sociallybuzz.com

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4 Ways We Use Google’s New Feature “Performance Max” to Improve Our Marketing Results!

1. Increasing conversions and value: The Google Performance Max feature uses automation to help us optimize our budget and bids on our behalf to give us the best chance at getting more conversions. It does this in real-time, so we don’t need to worry about optimizing our ad budget and bidding manually.

2. Finding new customers: Through machine learning, we can find new sets of our ideal customers on Google Search, Discover, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and Display. With Google’s real-time understanding of user intent, behavior, and context, we can reach our target audience effortlessly.

3. Gaining richer insights: Google Performance Max campaigns are now part of the Insights page on Google Ads, which helps us understand how our campaign works across each channel and provides tips on improving our campaigns.

4. Leveraging automation to ease the workflow: Using automation, Google Performance Max can automatically optimize our ad placement to show in appropriate spaces to audiences most likely to convert. Our expertise shows when we can easily target people based on what they search or do online – we do this with the help of Google Performance Max features.

With Google Performance Max, you can reach your target and reach your ideal audience efficiently on Google’s inventory and save time and energy; it requires no effort from you, thanks to automation and machine learning.

Summary – Google Performance Max Campaign is the Future of PPC Advertising

This case study shows that the Performance Max campaign outperformed the Local campaign with more Location Visits, Conversion Rate, Website Visits and Impressions.

Initially, we started both individual campaigns with a $50/per day ad budget. 

After we realized that Google Performance Max was performing better than the Local Campaign, we paused the Local Campaign and increased the daily budget of the Performance Max Campaign to a total of $100/day.

Google Performance Max will help you acquire more customers; with Google’s full range of channels, your business can reach the highest converting prospects faster and more efficiently with less effort, leveraging automation and machine learning.

Who doesn’t want to save time? Who doesn’t want to delegate redundant and tedious tasks to VAs or employees?

Automation and Machine Learning will do that for you on autopilot without you having to hire anyone to re-optimize your ad every time and still get the best result.

That’s the beauty of the Google Performance Max Campaign-type; it leverages both Automation and Machine Learning to help you get more qualified prospects than doing it manually by yourself.

Google is the champion of data. They know what users are looking for and can display your ads to those who will convert better; that’s what Google Performance Max Campaign does.

It would help if you didn’t miss out on this current trend and features Google offers us. Please take action now if you want your business to thrive; you either adapt or die when it comes to digital marketing and technology.

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