The 7 Things Every E-commerce Business Can Do To SkyRocket Sales

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7 Things Every E-commerce Business Can Do To SkyRocket Sales 😱💲

E-commerce is a hot business opportunity spanning from drop shipping to creating your own product brand. Due to their competitive nature,  e-commerce websites tend to be bulky and challenging to market. There are many ways to get visitors to land on your site, including social media, SEO, and paid ads but it is what you do when they get there that can make or break your online store.  

You need to entice the web visitors with your website that would essentially lead them to buy your product. Perhaps you are getting a Grade A or B in this department which will yield sales, but if you want to continue getting sales and up-sells, then you must lower your cart abandonment issues. To skyrocket your e-commerce shop sales and decrease cart abandonment, then you absolutely must have an email marketing funnel.

Here at Sociallybuzz, we help clients with Facebook ads as well as developing their funnels strategies. 

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Here are 7 Things Every E-commerce Business Can Do To SkyRocket Sales 😱💲:


Get That Email

Make sure you have an incentive for visitors to sign up for your newsletter. You can offer a 10-15% discount from the first order or have a pop up of exclusive deals. Once that person signs up, then make sure you have a sequence set with your email provider. 


Segmentation and Tagging.

Choose an email provider that allows for segmentation and tagging. Successful email marketing campaigns speak to specific audiences and trigger rules once a user takes action. You want to have different emails for people who have purchased versus visitors who have abandoned their carts. Three email providers that offer this are Convert Kit, Mailchimp, and ClickFunnels. If you are sending everyone the same email, then you will not have enough data to test and tweak. The online world is all about testing and tweaking so you can get more sales.


Have a Plan for Abandonment Cart Issues.

One tactic can be to send them a reminder email about the items in their cart. According to BigCommerce: Abandoned cart emails can recover 15% of what would have otherwise been lost revenue. In some cases, implementing an abandoned cart email has increased online business revenue by 50% and recovered hundreds of thousands in sales.”  Imagine how much money you are leaving on the table by not sending out that email. You can also create an abandonment cart series with three more email reminders. People are extremely busy and distracted; they could have been in the middle of the purchase but then gotten a call from their kid’s school or interrupted with an unexpected meeting. Sending them a reminder email will help then take action.” If you need help with open rates for abandonment cart emails, check out this article by Sumo.


Create Upsell Opportunities.

This can be via a pop up that comes up during the checkout process or integrated into your email sequence.  If you are not offering upsell ideas, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Contact your platform and discover how you can showcase related products or categories. Many website platforms have upsell apps you can add. Many store owners also combine cross-selling opportunities like we see on Amazon.


Provide Value and Tips.

This can be done through your newsletter and also through your social media efforts.  Some examples of providing advice can be recommending products for a specific holiday or suggestions about a product or testimonials showcasing a product feature. You don’t want your audience just feeling as if they are missing deals, but that they are missing valuable information.  Think about your ideal target audience and how you can help them.


Create Rewards Programs.

Offer incentives for buyers who are spending a certain amount and offer rewards and incentives via email. This will re-engage them with your new products and bring them back to your website. This can also incentivize them to share your products and brand online.


Set-up Facebook Catalog.

A catalog holds information about the items in your inventory. You can use the information in a catalog to promote your inventory and business across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.  You can Use catalogs to:

    • Deliver ads to people who’ve already looked at or searched for specific items on your website. Dynamic ads match images and inventory information from your catalog with signals from your pixel, which tracks the activity on your website.
    • Tag products on Instagram. If you have an Instagram business profile, connect it to an e-commerce catalog to set up shopping on Instagram, which lets you tag products from the catalog in Instagram posts and stories. People can tap on tags to see prices and descriptions or shop straight from their feed.
    • Add products to a Facebook Page shop. If you’re a Page admin, you can use your catalog to add products to a shop on your Page. You can also use information from your catalog to tag products in posts with photos and videos.


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Overall you can’t have an online shop or E-commerce Business without a solid e-commerce marketing strategy in place, or else you are just wasting marketing dollars. If you would like to fully outsource this and bring in the pros:

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We have over ten years of marketing experience and have helped hundreds of e-commerce businesses implement successful marketing strategies.

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