Social media for attorneys: 9 untapped social media marketing tips for lawyers and law firms

Social media for lawyers and law firms
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Social media marketing tips for lawyers! Lawyers have a lot of competition for marketing their services on the internet.

Lawyers need to be creative and strategic in how they approach social media. 

Social media is becoming an important part of any professional’s life. Lawyers are no exception to this rule.

Social media platforms offer the opportunity to reach out to a wide range of audiences.

There is a lot of controversial thought about lawyers and social media.

Many people believe lawyers should avoid social media.

Lawyers and social media: Is it safe for lawyers to be on social media?

Should lawyers use social media?

Yes, lawyers should use social media! With its different norms and values, the social media world can be perfect for lawyers.

According to the “Attorney at Work survey,” 85% of the lawyers surveyed said they use social media as a part of their marketing strategy – Source.

71% of the lawyers and legal professionals found social media is responsible for bringing in new clients for them.

 “Attorney at work” reported that the most used social platforms for marketing are LinkedIn (77%), Facebook (71%), Twitter (51%), Instagram (25%), and YouTube (19%).

According to a 2018 research of 4,000 ABA members from the private sector, surveyed by the “American bar association,” 76% of the respondent lawyers are found to be using social media.

Could you see why lawyers should use social media?

However, we’ll be discussing the best strategies and social media platforms for lawyers and law firms.

Social media strategy for law firms:

Social media tips for lawyers trying to grow their law firm

Social media has taken the world by storm.

Below are the best social media tips for law lawyers and law firms

Create a profile with your location and contact information.

As a lawyer, it’s a good idea to upload your contact information with your location on your profile.


“I am a lawyer located in Orlando, Florida. I would love to speak with you about your concern.

My contact information is as follows:

Phone: 555-555-5555

Email: andre@example.com

Ensure your profile includes details about your firm or law practice, such as the cases you handle, the areas you specialize in, and the hours of operation.

Include your keyword in your profile

You should include your keyword in your lawyer profile. Keywords will help you get more views and targeted clicks on your profile.

Use keywords like “lawyer” or “attorney” on your bio so people searching for them on social media will see your profile and connect and contact you for a potential business arrangement.

Many of your potential clients choose lawyers based on what they see on their social media profiles.

Make sure your profile is set up the right way to maximize and spread your profile across social media.

Avoid social media conflicts if you’re a lawyer.

Lawyers are often required to represent clients in social conflicts in the court of law. But, when you involve in social conflict on social media, you risk losing the trust of your client or colleagues. Lawyers should stay away from these conflicts on social media if they want to succeed.

Write case studies

Case studies are a great way to market your law firm to potential clients. Case studies show the depth of your expertise, the quality of your work, and the success you’ve achieved for other clients.

Create a social media policy to guide your law firm

Social media marketing for law firms can be a tricky business. With so much to take care of, it may be wise to create a social media policy for your firm. Implementing social media policies is a great way to get your employee lawyers on board and reduce the chance of legal problems due to the misuse of social media.

Lawyers should develop a social media content strategy.

Businesses and organizations need to be present on social media, and lawyers should be no exception.

Lawyers should have a content strategy for social media marketing to increase their audience and visibility online.

They should be aware of the potential risks of publishing content on social media, such as libel or defamation.

However, you can avoid these risks by using a good social media code of conduct; you can achieve this with a social media policy for lawyers!

Lawyers should use hashtags on social media.

Lawyers should learn how to effectively use hashtags for promoting content and engaging with potential clients.

Hashtags are a powerful way of finding new clients and influencers in the law firms industry.

Social media advertising is imperative for lawyers

Lawyers are required to use social media advertising to promote their services.

Social media serves as a way for lawyers to advertise themselves. Social media advertising is important than it has been before.

Contact us for social media advertising for your law firm.

Social media tools for lawyers

Social media tools can help lawyers establish their brand authority, connect with clients, be seen as an expert, and so much more.

Lawyers should use social media tools for effective social media marketing. These tools help them develop a positive online presence and work with their target audience, the key to successful attorney’s social marketing.

The internet has completely changed the way people can communicate and interact with each other. Lawyers can reach their target audience through posts, video content, and live streams using the right social media tools.

Lawyers using these social media tools have more potential to generate leads than those who don’t.

They can educate potential clients regularly and increase sales by automating social media posts.

With social media tools, lawyers can connect with their audience more meaningfully.

Which social media platform should lawyers use to maintain their law practice?

The best social media platforms for law firms

With so many social media platforms to choose from, knowing which ones are best for your business is overwhelming.

The “ABA survey results” showed 76% of law firms use social media.

And the social media platforms they use most are LinkedIn (93%), Facebook (63%), and Twitter (14%) – Source.

We will explore five of the most popular and the best social media for lawyers looking to grow their law firm in this competitive field.

Linkedin for lawyers

Linkedin can be used as a platform for lawyers to market themselves and reach out to potential clients.

LinkedIn is a very popular platform for professionals in the legal field. It is used to stay in touch with colleagues, find potential clients, and advertise your services.

 LinkedIn’s Social Selling helps lawyers efficiently acquire new clients. It provides them with the necessary resources to be successful in client acquisition.

LinkedIn is often used for networking, job hunting, business deals, making business connections, research, and other forms of professional communication. 

LinkedIn has over 800 million registered users in 200+ countries worldwide, which makes it one of the most popular social platforms available today.

Facebook for lawyers

Facebook has over 2.85 billion active users worldwide and is arguably the most popular social network in existence today. 

It’s a great social media platform for lawyers looking to promote their services online because it allows you to target specific demographics based on location or interests.

For lawyers, Facebook has more potential than other social networks because it is popular and provides a massive audience for you to target.

Instagram marketing for lawyers

Instagram is a perfect platform for lawyers. The platform provides an excellent opportunity to connect with potential clients, increase the number of followers, and promote their services.

With over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, it’s no surprise that many legal professionals are looking for ways to leverage the power of this social media site!

It is one of the best social media marketing platforms for lawyers.

The best thing about Instagram is that its visual nature allows marketers to capture their audience’s attention more easily than on other platforms.

And, if you are looking to promote your legal services, Instagram is an ideal platform for you.

It’s the perfect way to communicate with potential clients and create awareness about your law firm.

Twitter for lawyers

Twitter is not just a tool for trends or news. Lawyers can use Twitter to communicate with a wider audience.

Twitter marketing for lawyers is an important part of your marketing plan. It allows legal professionals to communicate with people interested in your company. 

Twitter allows you to communicate and network with thought leaders in your niche.

Lawyers can post updates with relevant content or links to helpful resources that may help people access more information about their practice.

Summary » Social media for lawyers and law firms

Today, most people turn to social media to answer their questions. Many adults in the United States use social media to find lawyers. You’ll want to leverage social media marketing for attorneys to acquire qualified leads on social.

With social media, law firms can reach customers and prospects personally.

Due to the ever-changing nature of this industry, it is important for law firms to have an up-to-date social media plan that can be adjusted as changes come along.

The best thing about social media marketing is that it is an inexpensive form of marketing. It can also have a major impact on your law firm’s business, so it’s worth the investment.

Get in touch with us for free social media consultation for your law firm.

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