Facebook lead generation

How we signed up 500 Paid Gym Memberships using Facebook Lead Generation Ads

How we signed up 500 Paid Gym Memberships using Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook lead generation


To develop buzz-worthy word-of-mouth online and offline brand and local awareness prior to the Grand Opening of a new location.


To sign up 250 paid members using Facebook Lead Generation Ads.


Not using any other marketing channels, media or outlets. Working with a completely new/unknown franchise concept. This was the first physical location of its kind in the world.


18 to 45-year-olds, both male, and female whose behaviors matched healthy, fit and wellness buyers.

Creative Ideas

Facebook Lead Generation ads were used to execute a goal of reaching 320 pre-sale memberships before the grand opening date. Multiple Phases were executed after membership goals were hit. When these milestones were met, pricing and verbiage changed on both our ads and context card. Lead ads ran on both Instagram and Facebook.

Lead generation ads were complemented with like ads, which brought in a consistent stream of new likes to feed the boost posts we were publishing twice a week. These boost posts ranged from posts about pricing information, workout variations, grand opening parties, benefits, testimonials, 3rd party articles, blog posts and Facebook live video. Live video helped us achieve the goal of allowing all of our followers access to our grand opening ceremony. Live video proved to be a valuable asset for answering any on the spot questions our followers had.

We also ran Instagram brand awareness ads that focused both on booking free sessions and informing guests on how to get to our location and where to contact us.

Facebook lead generation

Key Results

Signed up 500 paid annual memberships with an estimated average annual revenue of $200,000. Received significant local brand awareness in their community and built an engaged social media presence.

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