Sociallybuzz helped a local multi-unit restaurant convert unsatisfied customers into raving fans

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reputation management
reputation management


Salsa Fiesta is one of South Florida’s most successful fast-casual Mexican restaurant, with 7 locations. Salsa Fiesta is a family-owned restaurant that delivers refreshing energy through flavorful urban Mexican style food. Specializing in gourmet burritos, tacos, classics, tortas, salads, soups and homemade salsas, the company is changing the way we see fast-casual food with a new line of Mexican cuisine focusing on customer service, quality, and efficiency.

reputation management is an online urban city guide that helps people find cool places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play, based on the informed opinions of a vibrant and active community of locals in the know. Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what’s great — and not so great — in your world. Yelpers have written over 20 million local reviews, 83% of them rating a business 3 stars or higher.


Salsa Fiesta Grill knows that their customers are leaving reviews online and that potential customers are using these reviews to make buying decisions.

Even though they were receiving a lot of positive reviews from happy customers, they still received negative reviews from customers with a bad experience.


Actual Customer and Review

Gina D. | Tampa, FL | 1 Star | 04/08/2015

“I tried this new place where traveling on business.and it was close to the hotel. Nice decor and good concept. Little pricy for what you got.
I ordered the salsa made from corn. It was not the greatest. Chips were cold even though they were just served. I ordered two tocos and the appetizer with 3 toquitos, tortilla soup, and mango salsa. The salsa was the best thing. Fresh mangos and good flavor. The toquitos were bland and I felt they were already cooked and sitting waiting for someone to order. The tocos were made from fresh ingredients but also felt they were sitting around. Not like the meat was cooked fresh. The soup was 95% broth with a few pieces.of corn and mushy tortilla strip. Disappointing.

I think my suspicions were on target as I was sick the rest of the night into the early hours of the morning In and out of the bathroom. Not good while on a business trip with an early morning meeting. Needless to say I will not be back.”


  • We wrote a personalized public response to the review
  • We sent a personalized private response to the customer
  • The customer made an update to her original review

Updated Review

Gina D. | Tampa, FL | 4 Stars | 07/22/2015

“I was in the neighborhood again and my Staff wanted to go here for lunch. They were not aware of my not so good visit a get months ago. After that visit. I was impressed the owner not only wrote on my review for all but sent me a private message. That goes long way for me

I decided to try the corn salsa again and this time the chips were warm and the salsa was flavorful. We all enjoyed.

I ordered the enchiladas with green sauce. It comes with a yummy lime cilantro rice and black beans. The chicken inside was moist and flavorful.

2 of my staff ordered a combo plate with a huge borrito stuffed with rice, meat, fresh veggies and cheese. There was a beef toquitos and tostones. They said everything was good. Neither of them could finish their meal.

My vegetarian associate got the tostones with veggies and cheese. They were crispy and covered with black beans and veggies. She said it was good and she could not finish it either.

I’m happy to say that while the first impression was not great the second was a much better expierence.”

Conclusion / Reputation Management

We converted an unsatisfied customer into a raving fan. We consistently monitor all relevant review and social media channels and respond quickly to all reviews, questions, complaints and praises 24/7. We will continue to diligently assist them to limit potentially damaging viral impact of a customer complaint by converting a negative comment into a positive experience.

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