How we used Facebook’s Lead Generation Ad objective to drive local sales

How we used Facebook’s Lead Generation Ad objective to drive local sales


Members pay a monthly fee for unlimited fully automated sunless spray & other spa services.

Facebook Lead Generation

Use this objective to create a form that will collect info from people, including signups for newsletters, price estimates and followup calls.


Use the most effective social media channel and Advertising objective to drive new membership and sales to their location. A strategy that we could replicate and activate for their other locations, spa, or other beauty industry.


Understanding their business model, their customers and use that information to create an easy and effective way to reach & convert potential consumers within 2 miles of their location to loyal customers.


  • 108

    New Leads
    In 30 Days

  • $913


  • $502


  • $398


  • $140


Solutions / Results

After A/B testing with different ad objectives: offers, and giveaways, we learned that their customers are more reactive to engage when a human touch is added to the social media experience and sales activation.


Earned in 45 Days with an additional $6565 guaranteed over 6 months.

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