How we used Social, Paid and Influencer Marketing to drive brand awareness for a local franchise

Case Study

How we used Social, Paid and Influencer Marketing to drive brand awareness for a local franchise


Food, Franchise

Campaign start date

March 14th, 2017

Campaign end date

May 6th, 2017

Campaign overview


Use social media to increase brand awareness and event attendees


To drive existing customers and new targeted consumers to attend the 1 year anniversary for the release of their new menu


To outdo the successful grand opening a year prior.

Creative ideas

We promoted the release of a new experience for customers with the launch of their new menu concept – The Whole Shabang during their 1 year anniversary celebration. We incorporated a multi-touch point social and paid media strategy to drive awareness and event attendees the day of the event.

We used a combination of local ads, sponsored posts, contests, event ads, google banner ads, Instagram ads, Snapchat Geofilter and a strategic influencer campaign to drive mass awareness and foot traffic to the grand opening.

Influencer campaign

In addition to the other social media marketing efforts, we launched an influencer campaign that offered specific influencers incentives according to how much of an impact we believed they would have when promoting the 1 year anniversary.

In return, the influencers posted strategic photos/selfies on their own Instagram account to increase engagement and event awareness.

Key results

People Reached: 277,233
Campaign Engagement: 5,820

Influencer Campaign Reach: 22,533 people
Influencer Campaign Engagement: 585 people

Event Day : 900+ People Attended

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