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Original Post by Eric Stoessel on Restaurant Hospitality

A recent report from Cornell Center for Hospitality Research shows many restaurants lack defined strategies and goals for social media use.

A recent study by the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research didn’t unearth any shocking insight into restaurants’ use of social media. Most are using it, the report summarized, but not as many have a clear vision for it or a goal in mind and even fewer can measure a tangible return on investment.

That was the conclusion presented by Abigail M. Needles, a Ph.D. student and Cornell graduate, and Gary M. Thompson, a professor there, in the study, “Social Media Use in the Restaurant Industry: A Work in Progress.” The report was based on a survey of 166 restaurant managers.

“[Restaurants] have a difficult time in terms of measuring whether social media activities increase customer loyalty, bring in new customers or boost revenues,” says Needles. “We found a lot of uncertainty surrounding how to measure the financial returns of social media.”

The problem really begins with a poorly defined.

RESOURCE: Restaurant Hospitality

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